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The IT Security Challenge

IT security officers are facing ever-increasing challenges when trying to protect organizational IT assets as well as their customers’ privacy. As organizations strive to allow more and more users to gain remote access to their applications, the challenges of identity management keep increasing. IT management is required to find an optimal solution that would combine full proof security with user friendliness and reasonable cost of ownership.


While Traditional passwords-based solutions are no longer considered safe enough to protect classified information, other solutions based on static biometrics constitute great exposure of single point of failure, cost a lot, and raise many users’ objections. It is difficult to identify alternatives that would respond to the needs of security, user acceptance and cost-effectiveness all at the same time & package.

At the same time, just as organizations are exposed to external hacks and attacks, they also need to protect their IT assets from internal leaks of classified information caused by fraudulent or distracted employees.


Still, business requirements dictate that the IT operations will allow many more options with much more flexibility, for many more users working from many more types of end-points.

There is no wonder then why today’s newspapers, more than ever before, are packed with stories about data leaks, security breaches and endless hacks and attacks, including on the most secured organizations, cross a variety of industries.


ANB, Adaptive Neural Biometrics LTD., has combined its founders’ expertise of behavioral science and computers science, in order to develop patented solutions based on native behavioral biometrics that will respond to these growing challenges.

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