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Biosign Deployment


Scenario 1: BioSign Authentication Services are deployed in BioClear e-payment clearing
1.  Buying at an e-commerce site.
2.  Viewing your cart and your purchase.
3.  Providing your credit card information using a secured connection (SSL).
4.  Based on the credit card number, the buyer is asked to sign online.
5.  Upon a successful signature authentication at the clearing site, the payment is forwarded to the

     credit card issuer for final payment approval.
6.  The authenticated biometric signature is studied for behavioral analysis and user activity profiling

     to support online transaction risk assessment based on the user’s personal security profile.
7.  In addition, the payment details which include the signed signature is archived for backup and

     future inspection.
8.  The payment transaction is approved.
9.  The fees are transferred to the e-commerce bank account while the purchased good are

     delivered to the buyer.

Scenario 2: BioSign Authentication Services are deployed for secure login to web sites.
1.  The user visits a protected web site which implements ANB’s BioSign Authentication Services.
2.  The user logins to the private section.
3.  The user is asked to provide username.
4.  ANB’s BioSign Virtual Pad is displayed, ready for capturing the signed signature in real-time.
5.  The signature is sent for verification at the customer Authentication Service (web service).
6.  Upon successful signature verification, the user is granted access to the private section.
7.  The user’s authenticated signature is automatically submitted for behavioral analysis.

BioSign’s behavioral engine is self-adaptive and neural, it will improve the user security profile and the user’s signature authentication accuracy each time the user successfully logs in.





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