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About ANB enterprise security solutions

Our Mission  

Adaptive Neural Biometrics Ltd. Offers advanced proprietary technologies and solutions intended for the international IT security market. Established as an R&D excellence center, the company has based its R&D operations on a selected team of Behavioral Science and Computer Science specialists, who developed several patent-protected solutions rooted in a unique combination of those two scientific approaches.

Todays’ international markets are characterized by ever-increasing security challenges on the one hand, and unprecedented usage levels of new technologies with multi-access requirements on the other hand. While customers are eager to leverage their smartphones, tablets and internet technologies for accessing business data both securely and effectively, security officers around the globe struggle to address these two apparently contradicting requirements. ANB’s mission statement has always been to allow natural and fluid access to business information, while ensuring the highest possible security levels. With the ubiquitous availability of smartphone’s technologies, this mission is now implemented in the most user-friendly manner: natural, fluid and cost-effective to users and organizations alike.

The development of behavioral profiling solutions requires integration of self-adaptive technologies, which can find correlations in dynamic behavioral patterns with minimum false-negative rate (FRR - False Reject Rate). ANB has conducted extensive research in the area of Artificial Neural Networks and in particular in Data Mining, High Order Clustering, Advanced Fuzzy Logic, Support Vector Machines, Kernel Ridge Regression, Non-Rigid Shape Context Matching and more. This research has resulted in generation of ANB’s patents and trade secrets that are the core of ANB’s self-adaptive solutions.


Our Solutions  

ANB BioSign® is a pure software solution offering behavioral biometric signature authentication services aimed at thwarting evolving high-risk cyber threats. BioSign’s® hardware-free, cost-effective solution supports most common smartphones’ platforms. Its advanced client/server architecture is designed to support mass enterprise production-level transactions and incorporates behavioral profiling, multi-factor authentication, security profile management and an advanced forensic back office platform.

ANB BGP® (BioGraphic Password) is a pure software solution that enforces and/or replaces text password by implementing secured graphic/visual passwords over a background picture. ANB was the first to invent and develop this graphic password technology, which, amongst innumerable advantages, eliminates the risk of capturing/recording passwords by key loggers. BGP® is the most advanced visual password available in the market today. ANB DataNforce

ANB BioChop™ is a technology solution for securing electronic documents, that takes a step beyond current digital signature standards, by combining a digital stamp and behavioral biometric identities to form what we call a BioChop™ stamp. With BioChop™ there can be no doubt as to whether or not a specific person has digitally signed a document. The stamps are unique and cannot be reused or be moved to another document. Thus, BioChop™ is the optimal and most secured model to implementing unimpeachable authentication for digital signatures.

ANB DataNforcer® is an end-point data leak prevention solution installed on users’ PCs to eliminate leak of data by hostile threats or by internal employees authorized to access sensitive data. It controls all memory resources and entities and runs processes based on authorization policies set by company administrators. It also controls the data exchange channels between active applications and attached external/peripheral devices. In addition, it enables selective recording of all forensic information relevant to processes and activities for future auditing and inspection by security personnel.



ANB specializes in developing advanced technologies and solutions for the IT security arena, focusing on behavioral biometrics identification authentication, data leak prevention and the combination of digital signatures with electronic signatures. ANB’s solutions are Enterprise oriented, scalable, modular, open and compliant with current industry standards and security protocols.


ANB has registered 13 patents in the U.S.P.O (United States Patents Office), P.C.T. and U.K patent office, making it one of the market leaders in its field of operations.


ANB’s head office is located in London, and its R&D Lab is in Israel, For further information please contact a company representative at:


Adaptive Neural Biometrics Limited.
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